Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Poggy Healing

Since Poggy's last vet visit four days ago, the swelling has gone down significantly.  However, the wound has dried and it looks rather... appalling.  WHERE DID HIS TOES GO?!?
Poggy seems rather calm about this whole thing, but I have no idea what to expect in terms of healing.
It seems like he may end up with some rather unappealing looking toes or maybe missing toes in the end.  Sometimes I get the impression that he lost all the meat on some of his toes and that I am just looking at bones sticking out of his foot.  That worries me a lot.
I have been washing his feet twice a day with a chlorhexidine solution and that seems to have dried out the wound very well.  It seemed like the wound turned dark and stopped swelling overnight.  He must have responded very well to the antibiotic and antiseptic wash.
After his daily foot baths, I have been drying him on paper towels.  They soak up the moisture quickly without any rubbing necessary.
Poggy is rather unenthusiastic about this part of his new daily routine.
Does this look like a pleased expression?

I'm still giving him pain/anti-inflammatory medicine daily, but I notice that he's still guarding the injured leg and semi-dragging his lower body when he moves about the cage.  It's really sad  :(

I hope Poggy heals up soon.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Poggles' Third Vet Visit of the Year

Poggles is now three years old and in this single year, he has had 3 vet visits so far.  Old age sure isn't cheap!
I went to check on him one night before heading to bed and found him sitting in his litter box with blood all around him.  There were two full sized toe nails on the litter around him.  Ouch...  This is the photo after I washed all the blood off his fur and feet.  You can see how red his foot is from the injury. 
The next day, I found two large patches of blood on his linens.  He had removed two more toe nails and his foot was all bitten up.  There looked like a gash on the palm of his foot.  The wound was still oozing and his leg was quite swollen.
Poggy got a foot bath, this time in saline solution - twice.  Then I applied Polysporin original formula to his foot in a nice, thick coat.  I tried to create a bandage dressing, but he was not being cooperative at all and kept flinging it off.
Here he is flailing about.
He looks rather funny.
He kept stretching his legs out like this and trying to turn (unsuccessfully) onto his side.
I was holding him steady from underneath so he finally gave up.
Here he is giving me the finger, er, foot.
He looks like a potato...
Afterwards, I held him on my lap tummy-up for a while so that the Polysporin could have a chance to do it's job.
He was kind of chill about it. 
Well, hello there! 
Look at those cute little feet.  The injured foot doesn't look so bad now that it's coated with Polysporin, but you can tell that it's more swollen than the other foot. 
I let him lie on his side afterwards and sleep.  When he tried to walk, I noticed that he keeps the injured leg tucked up against his body and his uninjured back leg kind of drags behind, weakly pushing him along.  He's basically dragging himself forward with his front legs.  It looks really sad.

I took out his litter pan and put two sheets of paper towel down so that he doesn't have to struggle to climb into the litter pan.  This caused him to poop outside the confines of the litter box area, but he still smartly peed on the paper towel only.
His vet was closed for the day and the emergency vets were unfamiliar with hedgehogs.  So I kept washing his legs with saline and re-applying Polysporin three times a day.  The bleeding stopped and the swelling went down a bit, but the foot still looked ugly.
He went to the vet today and the vet says that his foot is swollen and looks infected at the front.  I was thinking about how much worse it would have looked if I hadn't washed that wound three times a day and applied Polysporin.  I'm pretty glad that I have some nursing skills to attempt to apply to Poggy.  
Poggy got an antibiotic shot and something for pain and inflammation.  He also got some medicine to take home - little doses of anti-inflammatory/pain medication and some special chlorhexidine detergent to wash his wound in place of saline solution. 
I hope Poggy will be okay.  He has finally fully woken up from being put under (gassed) at the vet.  He was really groggy before.  The vet says that he is otherwise very healthy... although the vet did say that Poggy is a little bit fat now.  He gained an extra 30 g since his last visit.  Hee hee... maybe I overcompensated a little from the last time he was sick and didn't eat.

Poor little friend!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Puzzle Ball Completed

It has been a while, but I finally finished a new puzzle ball.  This one is meant for my niece.  I planned to give it to her for her first birthday, but that came and went and all the wedges of the ball were just lying around on my desk at home. 
Today I cleared off my very messy desk to dig out my hidden sewing machine and discovered all these sad, neglected pieces of her puzzle ball.  I stuffed the remaining pieces, sewed up the remaining edge, and joined the pieces to form this lovely new puzzle ball.
I think it turned out rather cute  :)  There is one ring of racoons, one ring of foxes, and one of moose.  I probably wasted a lot of fabric centering the images onto these little critters, but it was well worth it.  I chose to use flannel fabric and to skip the cotton batting to create a softer, baby-friendly ball.
If you would like to make a puzzle ball of your own.  The pattern can be found here in my store or using the Paypal link on this post.  This is a 6-inch ball, but I also have a pattern available for a larger 9-inch ball.

Have a great day!