Sunday, September 20, 2009 Arts and Crafts Tutorials

For your easy reference, I'm going to link to all Arts and Craft Tutorials on this post.

Happy Crafting!

Home & Garden
Build Your Own Moss Terarium
Home Grown Tomatoes As A Gift
Tissue Box Drawer Organizer
Other - Propagating Plants
Painted Lace Rocks Tutorial

Little Singing Bird Tags
Flying Bird Card

Origami Heart Envelope
***Christmas Origami Heart Banner
Origami Wreath
Origami Elephant

Felt Owl Doll - PDF Required
Jointed Paper Zombie Doll

Easter Chick Treat Bags
Easter Egg Bouquet
Easter Surprise Eggs

Rat Silhouettes Halloween Decoration- PDF Required

Paper Bird Ornament - Sewn Version
Paper Bird Ornament - No-sew, Taped Version
Paper Felt Owl Ornament
Christmas Origami Heart Banner
Christmas Tag Assortment - Basic Tag Shape
***Christmas Tag Style No. 1
***Christmas Tag Style No. 2
***Christmas Tag Style No. 3
Fresh Christmas Wreath
Free Christmas Disney Labels
Free Christmas Star Wars Labels
Water Distressed Paper Poinsettias

DIY Fall Leaves (on my other blog)

Water Distressed Paper Flowers (on my other blog)
Singed Petal Fabric Peonies (on my other blog)

Photoshop Tutorials
Replacing Backgrounds And Improving Image Quality

Fingerless Gloves

Upcycled Fingerless Gloves
Quilted Top for Fleece Pouch
Fleece Pouch for Small Animals
Summer Flannel Pita Pouch for Small Animals
How to Alter Your Shorts to Make Them Bigger

Hedgehog and Small Animals Tutorials - Sewing and More!

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Arts and Craft Tutorials

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