Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Nursing School Diary

In an effort to keep things organized, I'm going to link all my nursing school posts to this page.

If you're thinking about going to nursing school, or if you'd like to know what it's like, look here for some first-hand experiences.

Planning for Nursing School
New Year, New Beginnings - thinking about going to nursing school
Good Job, Everyone! - still thinking about nursing school vs teaching
Plants, Guppies, Pie, and Volunteering - seeing the impact of volunteering on patient lives
Victory is Mine (For Now) - taking a writing assessment test to get into college
Middle Of The Road Musings - wondering if I've made the right decision


Semester One
Almost Back To School

Semester Two - Focus: Elderly Population
Week 2 of Semester 4
Week 3 of Semester 4
Fry Brain, Flip, Repeat. (Week 4)
Reading Break Bliss
Taking Care of Myself

CPE II - Consolidated Practice Experience (Focus: Trauma and Orthopedics)
Week One of CPE II
Week 2 of CPE II
Week 3 of CPE II


Semester Five - Focus: Mental Health and Pediatrics
Week 2 of Semester 5 - Introduction to Mental Health
Week 3 to 5 of Semester 5
Last Week of Mental Health
Week 9 of Semester 5 - Pediatrics Begins

Semester Six - Focus: Community Health
Semester 6 of Nursing School
Weeks 1-4 of Semester 6
Week 6 - They Say Pregnant Ladies Shouldn't Drink
Semester 6 Wrap-up, CPE IV Begins

CPE IV - Focus: Prevention
Semester Break Time - CPE IV Ends

CPE III - Focus: Acute Care Preceptorship
CPE III - Poo Stories
Week 4 of CPE III - Struggling With The 12-Hour Shifts


Semester Seven - Focus: Change and Research
Week 1 of Semester 7 - No, Not Again!
Week 2 of Semester 7 - Stress Pie

Semester Eight - Focus: Acute Medicine Preceptorship
The Last Semester of Nursing School
Nursing Preceptorship - Maggot Therapy
The Irony of Hard Work - Last Days of Preceptorship
The End of Nursing School


My First Year of Nursing


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