Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saving the world - one baby bird at a time

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I found a baby bird on the way to work today. I was running along to try and catch the bus and saw a bump on the road. It looked like a large curled leaf. I paused, leaned down and yelled, "Hello! Hello!" It didn't move. I noticed a dark stain underneath its head. I decided to keep running.

As I stood at the bus stop, I began to wonder if the bird was alive and just unconscious. "It could get run over by a car!" I thought. So, telling myself that life was too short to worry more about getting to work early than saving a life, I ran back to the baby bird to see if I could save it.

Unfortunately, it was clear as I moved in closer to inspect it, that the baby bird was long dead. In fact, there was a large hole where its brain should have been. I scooped up two paper transfers and attempted to move the bird off the road. I figured it deserved better than to be run over and flattened on the road. It was relatively heavy for such a small thing, but the paper transfers held strong and supported the little body. The little bird having been successfully moved to a shady spot under a tree. I scrambled to get back to the bus stop again, hoping that I would still catch my bus

- Marie

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