Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Holiday Train Yet, But Maybe Some HOCKEY!!!

So my Sweet and I headed off to dinner last night with the intention of seeing the holiday train afterwards. We parked in a close-by location, watched our time carefully, purposely extended dinner so that we'd exit with just enough time to check out the festivities and find a good standing spot before the train arrived, only to discover that we had the wrong night. It's on Tuesday NEXT WEEK. Oh... Much disappointed, we began to weave a new plan for the actual train arrival. BUT, if all goes well, we may have a new activity for next Tuesday: HOCKEY!

My sweetheart is a HUGE hockey fan. Alas, neither he nor I have ever been to a real hockey game. Well, next week is the turning point. Tune in next week for my feelings on going to a real, live hockey game. And not just any hockey game, a game between New Jersey Devils and the Vancouver Canucks - sweeeeeeet! (Actually, I know nothing about hockey and am not a huge fan at all, but I'm trying hard to learn because I know how important it is to my sweetie.)

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