Saturday, January 12, 2008

Afghans Take Forever

If you've ever crocheted a full-sized afghan, you will know that it takes forever. If you make the kind where you just keep making super long row after row, the length never seems to grow fast enough. If you make the kind where little squares are made separately and you have to sew them together, you get REALLY sick of making squares and wonder if you magically lost a few squares somewhere because you SWEAR you should have enough by now. Well, if you've made an afghan before, I'm sure you will marvel at those who are willing to sell them afterwards. In my mind, for example, no amount of money can replace the time I spent to create the afghan. It is just priceless. It doesn't matter how hideous the blanket looks afterwards, that blanket represents a LOT of time investment.

Well, lo-and-behold, there are tons and tons of afghans for sale on I find it really crazy. I'm tempted to buy them myself, but I'm too attached to the ones I've made so far. Here are some samplers of afghans on sale by Etsy folk:

Artistic Jen's
My Crafty Corner

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