Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Love Quilts!

A dear friend of mine once asked me what my favourite colours were and I guess I had said purple and black at the time (I now like white...). Well lo-and-behold a wonderful quilt arrived in the mail in vivid shades of reddish purple and black. I was a bit shocked to see the end result since I didn't particularly like that shade of purple, but I instantly fell in love with the quilt because I knew how much effort and time she had put into making it for me. I even grew to like the reddish purple. I now use that quilt on my bed all year round and wouldn't dream of parting with it.

I came across this red turtle quilt on Etsy from Designs at a Whisper today and thought of my friend. I think homemade gifts are the best!

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b.p. said...

mine is blue and white - i think she must have mixed ours up because my colour of choice back them was purple.

i use my quilt on my bed year round now too; winter: layered but the one on top, and summer: on its own!

seams are also beginning to become loose/fraying but i'm not much of a handicrafter.sewer.