Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rainbow Geometric Origami

I used to make origami balls like this. I strung them up with beads and bells and gave them to people or hung them around in my room. One day, I gave up on them and tossed them all away. Now I discover that there are folks selling these origami balls for 195 dollars - with no beads and bells! Wow! What a fortune I have thrown away in handmade goods. Do you ever wonder how much value you've tossed away?

I'm currently working on a scarf made from my own version of art yarn (I just mixed 2 textures of yarn together). With every stitch I wonder about where my very first crochet scarf has gone. I decided I didn't like a homemade scarf one day and put it into a bag of give-away goods. Now I miss that scarf. It was pale periwinkle blue and made from cotton yarn. It was soft and fuzzy... :P

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