Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Wonderful Birthday

I celebrated my birthday a little early with some dear friends yesterday. We went for dinner at a great little Italian restaurant and to my place for cake afterwards. I really enjoyed how close and intimate it was to have only four of us in the group. I've had other birthday gatherings where there have been more attendees and it's not the same. Three really good friends is much better than a whole group of close and non-close friends.

V. also got me a really good fresh fruit cake (which can make all the difference!). He asked for the sides to be coated with almond slivers, and extra real whipped cream on the inside (eeks!). The cake was delicious and looked really good too.

I made little party favours for everyone. You know all those felt brooches I made? Yup, I made colourful cardstock backings for each one and decorated them. I drew stitch lines around the top, gave each brooch a name, tied a thin raffia bow on, and secured the folded top with a matching sewed-on button. Then I pinned the felt brooches on and doodled all over the backings. I also rounded the bottom corners of the card backing. My friends seemed to really like the felt brooches and one immediately pinned hers on. I was pleased to find that her pin- a lemon with leaves- looked really good with her purple top. In the case that they would rather look at their pin rather than wear it, the raffia bow is meant to act as a little hanger.

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Carla said...

Happy Birthday! And the felt pins are really cute, too.