Monday, March 31, 2008

Making a Doll

I felt the need to make a doll yesterday night and began to sew and design. I looked at Emily Martin's doll tutorial on the Martha site, I looked at the Babette dolls, and I searched the Internet to find some more ideas. As I looked at the sites, I pulled ideas from here and there. I didn't have any nice-looking fabrics, so I opted for my trusty felt pile. Then, snip-snip-snip! and sew-sew-sew!

I had an easy time making the hair because it was a lot like making my felt brooches. The rest of it was harder because i had to decide what shape the body would be and how the arms and legs would bend or not bend. I originally planned to sew the arms and legs and then turn them inside out so there would be no edges, but I found that it was extremely difficult to turn felt inside out and that edges don't look so bad when you're using felt. So it just left them as is and stuffed them with polyfil before sewing them to the body.

I put some rice in her bottom to give her some weight, but it doesn't help her sit up. She's all sewn up now, but she needs a face. I might also add some embroidery to her grey smock because it's quite plain. Although I rather like her plain too. We will see!


Anonymous said...

Ohh! What fun! I do hope you do a post with the results!!! I bet she turned out spectacular! said...

Aww, thanks Blaze! I was admiring her last evening when I finished the embroidery on her dress. I will post the results soon, I promise :)

Chickenbells said...

I love that you wanted to make a doll, but searched for your own inspiration and came up with your own idea! That way no one can "yell" at you, eh?

I have a trusty felt pile too...I love making things out of felt. I made a set of robots for my father for his birthday...I think I put them on the blog... said...

Hi Sadie:

Yes, it just never feels right to me if I don't take ideas and change them to something different. Everyone has their style, and I love it when I can add my own twist to my projects. :) It's so much more fun!

A set of robots out of felt? I think Blaze would like that!

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Oooh, I so enjoy making Black Apple dolls. I think I have made 4 or 5...I can't remember ;-) DO post a photo when you are done :-)