Sunday, April 6, 2008

Really Tiny Awesomeness

I dunno about you, but these super tiny crocheted snails and Bee Bears are really, really cute. I can't even imagine crocheting something so tiny. It's like they used a shrinking machine on the dolls or something!!


Chickenbells said...

Good gravy! How is that even possible???

bluemuf said...

Now, how cute is that. I want one.

Thanks for your kind comments and visiting my blog.


Mariella said...

Thank you so much for showing my work, you're a gem!

Mariella aka MUFFA Miniatures said...

Sadie: I know, eh, they are so tiny! It's amazing!

bluemuf: Thank you for dropping by my blog too! I thought your blog was great! :)

mariella: I was happy to showcase your work. Really, do you have a shrinking machine somewhere? I think I'd go blind trying to crochet something quite so tiny! You're so talented!

blazedanielle said...

Ahh! Cute! :) So teeny! :) I love them!!