Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wool Shorts and Thoughts on Art

I think this is a pretty adorable pair of two-toned wool shorts for a baby. Wouldn't you say so?

I've been spending the day editing papers, watching movies, and thinking. At one point, I looked around my room and was stunned by how much stuff I've created over the past while. My bulletin board has no more room to add more felt brooches, my shelves are lined with crocheted dolls, my monitor is lined with bottlecap pincushions, and Sylvie is studying my every reaction from my side table. When I glance around behind me, I have box after box of art supplies. I've literally surrounded myself with my art without even thinking about it.

Every day I go to work and I leave this little art sanctuary to go to an office, and when I return, I begin to make things. It's automatic. Happy? Make things. Sad? Make things. Bored? Make things. The number of creations is steadily increasing and I'm running out of room to store it all.

I really admire all the Etsy sellers that make things and then send them away. As I look around my room, I think of how nice it would be - how freeing even- it would be to package the many dolls and other made things and to send them away to someone who would appreciate them and value them. And then I'd have room to make more things!

It's hard though, you know. I get quite attached to all my creations. I agree with others before me that have claimed that a little bit of themselves gets packaged up and sent away whenever they send a purchased item away. Perhaps it sounds odd, but I have been resisting starting an Etsy store all this time because I've been reluctant to let all my creations go.

Today, though, I think I'm starting to change my mind. I know I can't keep making things and locking them up in my room. It's like writing a book that's never read, or painting a picture that will never be seen. I think art is something that is meant to be shared, and it seems selfish and pointless for me to hide mine. Perhaps life will have all the more meaning to me if I just take what skills I have and put them to use. If someone out there likes my creations and wears my brooch, or plays with one of my dolls, it would be really special. I think much more special than having them sit on my shelf. What do you think?


Chickenbells said...

I think it's a great idea! It would give you a great excuse to be even more creative...and give you extra $$ to buy more art supplies too (hee hee)

Carla said...

I agree. It'd be great. You've created so many cool projects already. I can't wait to see what's next.