Sunday, May 4, 2008

Introducing Betty, and a decision


I am pleased to introduce you to Betty, my latest finished doll.

Betty is hairdresser with a flair for the dramatic - big, blue hair, bright yellow dress, yellow pearled flowers in her hair, and icy pink lipstick. However, Betty is extremely gifted as a hair stylist and is well-known for her talents. Sylvie, for instance, will have none other as her hairdresser.

Betty is also a caring soul. As she cuts your hair, she listens to you talk. She'll be excited with you over children and weddings; she'll comfort you over lost loves and lost opportunities; and she'll help you decide on the best colour and style for your hair so you'll look great and feel proud when you walk out. Betty is the hairdresser you've always wanted. She wears an antique key around her neck because, while she's always in-tune with the latest styles, she also understands the romantic attraction to the old fashioned.

Betty is about 18.5 inches tall. She is completely hand-sewn from felt and stuffed with polyfill. Her facial features are embroidered, and tiny beads are at the center of each of the flowers in her hair. Her shoes and the key necklace around her neck are removable.

A Decision

I am also pleased to tell you about a decision I have made over the weekend. I will be starting an Etsy store, hopefully, in 1-2 weeks time. At that time, I will be listing my recent brooches, felt dolls, and crocheted Unloved Monsters.

As you know, I have been thinking about this a lot, but you have all been so supportive and encouraging that I have finally decided to make it official. I love my creations very much and I hope that someone out there will love them too and give them good homes.

I'll keep you posted on how it all goes and any updates on when it will happen. Thank you so much for all of you who read my blog and keep me motivated each day with your thoughtful emails and comments.

Have a wonderful week!


blazedanielle said...

I am so excited you are starting an etsy store!! It is so much fun and I know you'll do great!! Best of luck!

And Miss Betty! You are just darling! I love the little twinkle in your eyes too!

Chickenbells said...

Congratulations on your decision! I can't wait to see what you make...

Carla said...

Betty looks very posh. Love her. Congrats on the etsy store. Very exciting!