Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shopping Weekend

I had a wonderful day out shopping with V. today. It was sunny out, I wore my comfy heels, and I found everything that I was looking for (and more!). Splendiferous! My favourite purchase was a cute little wristlet purse that I snapped up in a jiffy, and I acquired a tidy new collection of pretty make-up colours. I wish I was more adventurous and I could try painting up my eyes like those runway models. They look out of this world with their crazy bright colours and designs, but it looks so neat! Maybe one halloween, I'll pretend it's part of my costume.

I also got my first look at dresses and bags designed by Betsey Johnson. Oooh, V. had a hard time coaxing me out of that store purchase-free. There were so many pretty dresses and funky bags. I was so tempted!

I was happy to spot a little baby girl sporting a felt ice-cream hair clip that I swear I've seen on Etsy before.

I finally had time today to upload another bookmark to my shop. This one features a felt bird tree, because I love felt birds and I think that a whole tree full of them would be very wonderful indeed!


Chickenbells said...

There's nothing like a perfect shopping experience is there? I am going on a good weekend excursion myself in less than 2 weeks...I can hardly wait!

Carla said...

Oh ya, I just wanted to mention that I think your etsy shop is fantastic. Congratulations again!