Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall Weather and Seven Fat Babies

It's rainy, gloomy, and chilly - cheers to Autumn weather! I am now eagerly anticipating pumpkins, apple pie, and Halloween. I know, I know, I'm still a bit early, but it's definitely moving in that direction. Who doesn't love apple pie and, oh, pumpkin pie, mmmmm!

Update on the fishies:
So the soap opera that is aquarium life has culminated in SEVEN FAT BABIES (remaining), and a new dark-scaled male antagonist for the mother-turned-killer Molly fish. Neither the lady nor the gentleman like each other and frequently take turns attacking one another. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship to me! Heh... They are currently situated in the (koi?) fish tank with Joo Joo (Piggy), and Joo Joo doesn't seem to either mind or be bothered by the quarrelsome couple.

The babies, which my sister have temporarily named "Friends" collectively ("Hello, Friends!") are very fat little bubbles of joy. They swim very fast and eat even faster. I am quite smitten by them. Tiggy and the red Platy fish are in the same tank, but separated, and they have recovered perfectly after several rounds of antibiotics, anti-parasite meds, a new heater, and superbly clean water. Good job, sibs! It seems that all is well in the wonderful world of the fishies.

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Chickenbells said...

Oh...those crazy fishies over there!! I am just dying to start making my fall pumpkin muffins...I can hardly wait. said...

Fall pumpkin muffins!?! Those sound sooo delicious!!! I think I shall have to pay you a visit!