Sunday, September 21, 2008

One little baby... where are the others?

Sooo... we often think that the crazy mother fish is pregnant, but then she seems to magically lose the weight. Well, now the truth comes out. She WAS pregnant, probably all of those times that we suspected it. It's just that, um, they got eaten. This might even explain why she goes crazy sometimes and attacks her husband fish. Maybe HE ate her babies (or failed to save them from the giant koi fish).

Yesterday we discovered ONE baby swimming frantically around the mummy fish tank. It was so fast and so small that, at first, we thought we were seeing things. My sister screamed at my brother to get a flash light and a net and, together, they teamed up to catch the erratic misfit. Sure enough, it was a little black baby fish. We searched eagerly for other baby fish, but it appears that only one remained (probably because he was hard to see and much too fast to catch).

This new fishling is now safe and sound in the baby fish containment, but that was a close one. We're going to keep a closer eye on that mummy fish from now on. She's full of surprises!

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