Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Wonderful Stats

Happy Friday!

So did some tallying up last night and I thought I'd share some Project Wonderful stats with you in case you're considering it. I'm at day 13 right now, so this what you can possibly expect in roughly two weeks with Project Wonderful.

Selling Ad Space
I have 15 ad spaces right now and after 13 days, I have made 76 cents. Not exactly a fortune...

However, it does make for some interesting new finds in terms of web comics, various products, blogs, etc. Compared to some other advertising programs, I actually like the advertisers that are posting on my site. Possibly because many of them are comic artists, their ads look nice! That is a big perk because some advertising programs have really ugly ads. Google Ads, for instance, were rather boring because they are all text-based.

And there's one more perk! Once you have the ads on your site, you can click on your ad statistics to see stats on your website! You can see how many page visits and unique visitors are viewing that particular page that your ad is on, and where they are coming from. In fact, you can click on the top referrer links available and see the exact search options that were entered into Google or other search engines to find you! How cool is that!?

Oh, and don't be discouraged if you have few advertisers during the day. For some odd reason, most of the advertisers come out at night. I can have empty ad spots during the day but, at night after 9pm, the ad spots magically fill up. It's like the 12 dancing princesses.

Buying Ad Space
I made 5 ads (2 for Blue Pandemonium, 2 for and spent a whopping ZERO cents. In return these ads did quite well.

The 2 Blue Pandemonium ads got 14105 page views (7964 of them unique). Of these numerous views, there were 18 clicks (16 of them unique). There was one button ad and one square ad. The button ad did better.

The 3 ads got 26311 page views (13776 of them unique). Of these views, there were 91 clicks (88 unique). There was one button ad and two square ads. The button ad outperformed the 2 square ads combined at 58 clicks.

The online reviews were right. Selling ad space is not necessarily a great thing with Project Wonderful. Even if I sell all 15 ad spots every day for 365 days, I will only make $54.75. Considering the amount of effort I'm investing to monitor the ads and improve them, it's not worthwhile at all. If I was to try and improve this, I would have to increase my minimum bid from one cent to something higher. I will have to do some more experimenting with this in the future.

However, advertising your sites on Project Wonderful is actually pretty good. An extra 91 visitors at over the past two weeks is a very good thing for getting the word out there. An extra 18 visitors at my Etsy store is also very good. And for what? Just time. No money necessary. That's pretty wonderful.


Sweetwater Designs said...

hmmm..very interesting. Is it time consuming in any way for you? said...

I would say that free advertising is quite time consuming since your bids at 0 cents only last 2 days. So, every 2 days you have to bid all over again.

However, if you go with a campaign where you have to bid min 1 cent, then your bids can go for as long as you want. That would probably be more practicaly if you're willing to spend a little money on advertising.

In terms of having ads on my sites, it's not time consuming, but I do find myself checking on the ads frequently to see if they are being used or are empty. For the most part, I just let them run and use them to monitor activity on my sites. It's quite handy.