Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Goodbye, Wisdom!

Tomorrow something dreadful is going to happen - I'm going to get my wisdom tooth removed! Aaaggghhh! I am truly terrified. I've been dreading this day since the moment I learned about these mysterious wise teeth.

In my case, I can't even see it. It's hidden away under my gums and I've never had the pleasure of seeing it and scolding it for existing. I suppose it will be a very rude awakening for it indeed when Mr. Oral Surgeon says hello! I just hope I stay safely unconscious until it's long over.

Wish me luck!


Rachael Rabbit said...

Oh my be brave - my dentist thinks I'm unstable because I just cry when I see him ;-)

Chickenbells said...

Don't worry! It's easy as pie...just a little soreness, but certainly the perfect reason to lie on the couch and watch movies and nap!!