Monday, November 3, 2008

Flowery Caterpillar and Love Letters

I hope you all had a delightful Halloween! I sure did! My workplace had an infestation and we became zombies on Halloween. The costumes were over the top, and some of them were hilarious. I tried to be a zombie too, but I didn't pass as one successfully. Instead, passerbys were concerned for me, asking if my cat had scratched me, or taking a wide berth because I looked like I came from the wrong side of town. Tsk, tsk! See, I didn't dress any differently than usual; I only put numerous scratches, bruises, a split lip, and blood dripping from the bottom of my mouth. I didn't really take it over the top, so I guess it looked a bit too realistic - like I'd been beat up badly or something, oops!

After work, I drew some stitches around my neck and a cut from the neck to the mouth, but bus passengers on the other side of my new additions, still leaned over after some scrutiny to ask, "Is that real?" with concern on their faces. Lol!

Halloween night was great. V. and I stuffed our pockets full of candy and took a stroll around the neighborhood. We were lucky to stumble across a grand fireworks display. An entire townhouse complex had chipped in to buy a motherload of fireworks! Free entertainment is always a plus! We stopped to watch them light their boxes of fireworks off one at a time, until the entire area was enveloped in smoke.

On our way home, we came upon another elaborate fireworks display. I guess some families had gathered for a Halloween party and the dads wanted to give the kids a really good show. These 3 dads lined up 3-4 of the biggest firework tubes I'd ever seen and would set them off all at once. The kids inside the house would squeal and cheer and yell, "More!" and the dads would file out again to repeat the expensive treat. These dads did an amazing job. Their fireworks were so fancy that it was like a mini version of a public fireworks event.

On the weekend, I took it easy and worked on some projects I had started.

Here are some of the new updates to the store.


Anonymous said...

Ooh! What a cute little envelope!! I would love to stick that into a favorite book!

Chickenbells said...

Oh...giggle! I love your zombie story...