Monday, December 1, 2008

Twilight Disappointment

I saw the much-anticipated Twilight movie over the weekend and walked out disappointed.

The movie was disjointed, the wire-work was shoddy, and the two main characters didn't really have any chemistry going. In fact, I found their whole relationship very unbelievable. Edward is so depressed and moody throughout the movie that it didn't seem believable that anyone could fall for him, good-looking or not. At what point does he really sweep her off her feet? I didn't see it. So that part of it was quite a downer. They basically talk a bit, run off into the woods, and suddenly they're supposed to be really into each other. The sad part is, you don't really see it or feel it. You just have to accept it as part of the plot-line, and that doesn't work for me.

On the flip-side, the supporting characters were awesome. Carlise and Esme were absolutely perfect in their parts, and I liked Rosalie and Emmett quite a bit. Alice wasn't bad, but I was somewhat curious about the "I'm the shocked, walking dead" expression that Jasper had on his face all the time. It seemed a bit of a waste because he has a nice smile, but never smiles. Mike and Jessica were really good, and I liked Angela too. Eric was annoying, but I guess that's the point.

I liked the performance by Bella's dad too. It seemed just right. I can't comment much on Jacob since he's not in there much. I find it hard to comment on anything Bella related because she wasn't acted out very well. There wasn't much emotion to her.

I knew the movie would suck compared to the book, but I hoped it would still be fun to see the characters live on the movie screen. In some ways it was, but in so many ways, it was crushing.

That night, I caught up on a few episodes of Heroes, and I was delighted to see a relationship bloom between Sylar and Elle. It took less than a full episode, but you could already see Sylar was very attracted to Elle and that he would be very protective of her there on forward. You could see that Elle was vulnerable to falling for him too. Why couldn't Edward and Bella demonstrate that same budding relationship in a whole 2 hours!?!

I might just be hugely biased because I read the books though. I've had two guys tell me now that it was a good date movie and that they didn't mind the movie much. Hm... maybe I'll wait a while until I forget the books a little and then watch the movie again with fresh eyes...


Chickenbells said...

I agree with's was a little angsty to me. I heard though, that the movie was geared to 13 year olds, which makes more sense. I didn't think Edward was handsome enough, and Bella was such a drip in the books that her drippy character in the movie kind of seemed spot on...the supporting cast was wonderful though...I guess they've signed to do all the books though, so we'll see. Every TV program that is talking about the movie just gushes about how much chemistry they had going...wha?? said...

Lol! I know! I guess we're just super biased because we read the books and the books are so much better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Twilight was a little.. lame. I especially loved the sound of his twinkling skin. :)

Loved the books though! I'm curious what the other movies will be like... Though I feel like we'll have to wait a decade for them to make them. :) said...

Heheh... it was, Blaze. I was sooo disappointed!

I'm hoping the other movies will be better since they'll have a bigger budget now and I didn't Taylor Lautner was that bad