Sunday, January 11, 2009

80,783 Visitors Strong

I ran some statistics on traffic last night, and discovered that we had 80,783 unique visitors in 2008! I was impressed. That's a big jump in traffic from the previous year, which had about 27,800 unique visitors.

We had the most visitors in September and October, I guess because of school starting up, but it has been steady around the 7000-8000 unique visitors per month range since. Not bad at all.

We currently offer 2 types of advertising. We have ads by Project Wonderful on a per-bid basis, and we have annual ads that are offered directly through Our sponsors choose whether they wish to bid daily for ad spots, or whether they prefer to pre-pay for one year. The annual ads have the perk of being shown constantly (instead of disappearing every time someone outbids you), and it can be more affordable since is flexible with the pricing to help new businesses out.

I'm not sure what 2009 is going to be like yet, but I'm optimistic. I know that we will keep growing, and I'm keeping an eye out for possible improvements to the site.

Cheers to 2009!

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Brenda said...

Oh my! Your pics are wonderful. What talent. Thanks for sharing. I'm following you so I can keep tabs on your line and eventually get my very own.