Sunday, January 18, 2009

New ACEOs in the shop!

I just finished 3 more ACEOs today. I'm working on my "Putting Down Roots" series, but I'm just not happy with them yet. These other ones are quite nice though.

There's "Dancing in the rain", "A pretty bouquet for the lady", and "Will you boo my Valentine?"

"A pretty bouquet for the lady" follows in my usual style of watercolour with just a lot of detail put into drawing the flowers. I like how the flowers really fill up the top of the image. I was happy, too, with the way the light pink worked out for the tissue paper under the flowers.

"Dancing in the rain" is a bit of an experimentation for me in watercolour. I've been studying some of the other watercolour artists and they seem to know how to use the medium so much better than I do! I love to paint in Photoshop and I tend to layer on different colours in washes over different sections of the painting. The result is appealing to me, so I tried to do something similar with "Dancing in the rain". I like how the colours look more vivid when I layer them, but I think I could do a better job if I had some bigger, soft brushes to do some light washes over the painting. I will see if I can improvise with a smaller brush in the meanwhile, but I'll have to look into some new brushes in the future.

"Will you boo my Valentine?" is a fun piece in light of the upcoming V-day. I've been drawing a lot of pin-sized eyes lately with the mice and birds, so it's nice to come back to the big, cartoony eyes. I like the background in its bright red in contrast to the pink, soft meringue-ness of the ghosts.

They're all available in the shop.

Make sure to check out the Origami Heart Envelope Tutorial, if you're in the mood for something Valentine-y! I had fun drawing that out :)

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