Friday, January 30, 2009

Unloved Paper Doll In Progress

So, the super secret project that I'm working on is... an Unloved Monster paper doll! Yes, that's right! I've been cutting and snipping night after night to get him *just* right.

Once I had come up with a design I liked. I marked all the holes for where the arms and legs would attach. Then I printed out some demos in black and white to test out. The verdict? It's super fun!

I loved cutting the pieces out and it's fun to lay all the parts out in their correct places. The birdies and the big, red heart don't attach by pins to the little monster. You can just place them/tape them/glue them wherever you think is best.

I headed to the print shop to do a test print today, and they look pretty snazzy. The print shop lady thought so too.

I'll be off to Michaels this weekend to see if I can find some mini brads to complete this project. I'll put some up in the shop once they're ready. I think they'd make a great project to do with kids. It would make a cute, unique Valentine's card too (although it probably won't get to you in time for that if you're far away...).

I'm personally quite smitten with the little black and white fellow I'm playing with right now (I haven't cut out a coloured version yet). I love those little birdies too.

I packaged up some ACEOs to send away this week. As you can see, I used one of my For You from bluepandemonium stickers on the bubble cushioned envelope!

I was really quite delighted by it. There's also a picture here of an ACEO ready to go. It has been tied with raffia paper, and I have included a complimentary pumpkin bookmark in this order (because it was my 10th sold item!).

I have also folded a little origami bird and drawn some details onto it. The thank-you note has been folded into a pocket which is decorated with a nest design so the little bird can sit in it. I put a lot of effort into my packaging because I really want my customers to have a good experience. I know that I appreciate it when someone puts effort into something they send to me, so I try to make it great for others too. Decorating everything manually is a luxury I can afford right now because I don't have a lot of sales and I do this for fun.

I hope my customers appreciate it!

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