Saturday, February 14, 2009

Business As Usual (For Me AND The Fishies)

I've been so busy lately, running helter-skelter, just trying to get all my various projects into order. Blue Pandemonium has been slow in February with no sales compared to 6 in January, and has been driving me crazy because spammers have been posting 7-8 spam postings each day. That means that I have to go in and delete them daily. The last thing you want on a tutoring classifieds website are daily viagra and cialis ads, arrggh! My handy, dandy programmer, however has been working on a solution. I think she's succeeded because I don't see any spam posts today. I will be sooo happy if the spam posts go away. I have my fingers crossed that the spammers aren't just on a romantic vacation for the day.

Art-wise, I've had projects on and off, but I haven't had time to sit down for some watercolour painting yet. I think my most recent project is the paper doll, which reminds me that I have some new paper doll-ish ideas in progress. I'm always in need of birthday cards and it seems practical to design some. However, I don't want boring, normal cards so I'm considering jointed dolls/scenes as cards. For now, the ideas are just blue pen sketches on a pad of paper. They look pretty cool if you can tell what they are :P

My latest obsession (I rotate obsessions) are the fish at home , and do you know why? Because the mummy fish is going to be a mummy again! I guess that's no surprise to you, but this is a new mummy fish (not the killer one) and she has been playing hard-to-get for a long time. The husband fish chases her around the tank all day, and she runs away from him all day. However, she's been getting mightly plump as of late, and we know what's brewing.We moved her into a maternity ward compartment, thinking to spare her all the persistent chasing from her husband fish. Ironically, the husband fish and his wife missed each other. He hung around her compartment all day, staring longingly at her through the glass. She didn't seem to like the separation either. She magically jumped out of her compartment to reunite with her honey. There are big googly-eyed goldfish, however, that would love to snack on some baby fish, so we moved her back to the maternity ward and put a lid on top. She didn't like that one bit and husband fish returned to his post beside her on the other side of the glass. Poor guy! She's starting to square out though, and that's supposed to mean she'll give birth soon. Hang on, love birds! You'll be together again soon!


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Awww! Your oranda is beautiful! I hope mine grows a nice wen like that :-)

As a little kid (probably 8 or so) I used to buy the mollies at Walmart, and I always picked the ones with the biggest, blackest tummies so I could have babies. I remember the first time I had babies, I put a heater in the water because I thought they might be cold...I killed them all! Oh was I sad then. said...

Oh, that is a very sad story! Of the big batch of 20 babies my killer mommy fish had, only 2 remain. One of them looks exactly like her but miniature. There is also 1 tiny baby from this current mommy fish. I call it "The Hopper" because it hops from rock to rock in stealth mode. It's so clever!