Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm a Corporate Advertising Slave, Eeek!

I was browsing blogs today and I came across this icon on (who has amazing drawings, by the way):

I clicked on it out of curiosity and discovered that it is an icon used by blogs that refuse to post advertisements. Boy, did that make me feel lousy... I had JUST added a new block of 5 Project Wonderful ad spots to the bottom right of this blog and been promoting it to fellow Etsians and Craiglisters.

I began to wish somewhat wistfully that I wasn't such a slave to corporate advertising. I even reasoned with myself that I'm helping other Etsians and, duh, if I'm going to post my own Etsy store ad, why not other ads? But, secretly (well, not so secretly now) I rather wished that I didn't have a need to place any ads on my site. Wouldn't it be a fabulous world if NO ADS whatsoever appeared anywhere?

But then I remembered all the ads that I actually enjoy watching on TV, like the half-time ones for football and the Boom-de-yada ad from the Discovery Channel. I thought about the idea of corporate advertising, and I realized that none of the advertisers on my site are currently corporations. They're just artists trying to make a living from their work.

So I relaxed a little and didn't feel *quite* so bad anymore. Besides, I just post ads so I can keep free for tutors and students to use. That's not so bad, is it?

I wiped the guilt-induced sweat from my brow and continued to persuade other small businesses to advertise on this blog. (Um... wanna advertise here? I don't bite...)

It's for the sake of struggling students, ambitious tutors, and starving artists! Those are good causes. *nods*


Chickenbells said...

Ads are sometimes a wonderful thing. After receiving my degree in advertising, it brings a whole new appreciation to products that are hard to market...and I appreciate the funny!!

Kristine said...

Don't feel bad at all. I completely understand why some folks would need corporate advertising. Especially if someone is offering some type of service via their blog. That said, I don't see why personal blogs require corporate advertising.

Me? I offer no service except my daily art ramblings. :)