Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Know It's A Wonderful Day When...

1. It's your birthday!
2. You see a pigeon at the skytrain station after seeing none all Winter (I LOVE pigeons!)
3. Your sister sings happy birthday to you on the way to the bus.
4. Your sister bakes you a marvelous pink birthday cake.
5. Your mum says happy birthday and gives you a hug when you see her.
6. Your co-workers sing happy birthday to you, call out little Happy Birthdays one after another from their cubes, and send you lovely birthday notes and wishes.
7. Your sweetheart calls you first thing in the morning to wake you up and wish you a happy birthday.
8. You're alive!!!
9. You're 30 but you don't look or feel like it at all. (Whewf! What a relief!)
10. You open Etsy and it says "Happy Birthday bluepandemonium" at the top.
11. You watch a really cool video on one of the cool blogs you read.
12. It's a sunny day with clear, blue skies.
13. You get to eat that lovely birthday cake when you go home!
14. Lovely, sweet people come to your blog, read your posts, and wish you a happy birthday!

Thank you so much to everyone that is making my birthday such a good one! I appreciate all your sweet thoughts and for reading this blog, and I'm so glad that I've made it to yet another birthday in my life. It's a wonderful feeling, and I'm so happy today!

I wish you all a happy wonderful day too!



LeelaBijou said...

Happy Birthday! I wish you a wonderful day! :)

Chickenbells said...

Oh yes...Happy Birthday indeed!

Diamondaj said...

Happy Birthday : )

Anonymous said...

I hope your birthday was a wonderful one! Did you save any cake for us??? LOL