Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fat Grub Easter Drawing In Progress

I had a little time yesterday night to do some drawing, and guess who was my subject - Fat Grub, of course! I'm winding up for Easter and I felt like making a nice drawing of him. Fat Grub likes holidays. There was a cute drawing of him last Halloween. I'm quite fond of that one, and this Easter drawing is turning out nicely too. I have a cute idea in store for him :)

I had a pretty good day today. It was sunny outside, and the air had the perfect cool, crispness to it. I caught the bus (instead of just barely missing it like the day before), and the driver was a friendly lady that told good stories. She told us today about how she regularly drives this one route where there is a lot of wildlife. She saw some deer cross the road the other day, run into someone's yard, and begin to frolic and play! She was so delighted! And another day, she saw a family of raccoons cross the road.She also told us one sad story about seeing two baby raccoons that got hit by a car. A third sibling didn't get hit, but he wanted to stay with his fallen brothers. He kept running out into the middle of the road to stand with them. When a car came, he would run to the side of the road, and then return when the car passed. The lady bus driver was worried that the last baby would be hit too, so she actually got out of the car, put medical gloves on, and moved the two baby carcasses to the side of the road. The live sibling watched anxiously from a distance, and when she stepped back, he quickly ran over to look over his brothers again. Poor fellow! It must be a very sad thing to be the last one left.
During lunch break, I walked up to the cafeteria, choosing the outside route so that I could enjoy the sunshine. There was something about the way the pavement looked lit up with the sunshine, and the chill nip in the air, that reminded me of high school. I could remember the cool, hard feel of the textured stone pavement against my hands as I sat on it with my friends chatting in the bright sunshine, and the way the grass was sort of dry enough to sit on, but not for long.

There is one single daffodil in my garden blooming right now. I'll have to remember to take a picture of it for you.

Have a good week!


Totally Timmy said...

How cute is he?? I love your digital art. I just can't seem to get my head wrapped around it yet.
Poor little coons, I often see them dead on the roads too :(

Chickenbells said...

The grub is too sweet! I love his festive little bunny ears...bunny ears never look that cute on me!

That poor baby raccoon. It must have confused him so much to be playing one moment with his family and then they wouldn't get up...What a sad sad story.