Monday, March 9, 2009

Someone Forgot To Pay The Bills - Winter's Back

Smoosh-smoosh-smoosh! I trudged up the road to catch the delinquent buses. On the way, I passed three. Lazy, fat, and covered with smooshy white icing, they moved up the hill as fast as a caterpillar. I waited ever-so-patiently as the bus finally caught up to my snow-encumbered pacing only to sit even more patiently as it sat in place while other, usually snail-paced, pedestrians strolled leisurely past, waving. I smiled back and settled into my seat. It was going to be a long ride in to work.

To pass the time, I picked up some idle chatter with my seat mate. He replied jovially that he was glad he'd brought his lunch with him as he'd most likely still be on the bus by that time. He turned out to be a very pleasant conversationalist and I was content to question him on all manner of his surprisingly interesting work.

Two hours later, I was seated at work and ready to begin a busy day. Lunch flew by without my notice, and before long the day was done.

Looking out the window, how quiet and lovely the snow appears. Pristine and white in its sky-begotten grace, it is quick to cover the damage wrought by it's heavily burdened trespassers.

I picked up my coat and put on my gloves and hat. It was time to go outside again.


Julie said...

Looks like my house yesterday morning. Thankfully, it's all melted again :)

SimplyEverything said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish I lived where it snowed!! Not fair =)