Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Dinner At The Boathouse

V. is fond of taking me out for the occasional fancy dinner. We're both connoisseurs of sorts when it comes to food because delicious food, and especially beautifully presented food, is a memorable and cherished experience.
So after one particularly long day, he surprised me with a reservation at The Boathouse to enjoy their Shrimp Fest going on. We had the Wok Calamari for appetizer, which is a really delicious Asian twist on the regular calamari with jalapeno peppers, chilies, and rock salt. The calamari comes in big pieces instead of the usual rings, and it's actually quite "filling" in that way.
Then came the main course, which was a Surf n' Turf two person platter. It included steak, mashed potatoes, aparagus, salmon, lobster, king crab legs, and fire-grilled prawns. My favourite was the fire-grilled prawns. They were sooo good! My steak was good too, but there was too much variety to finish anything in entirety. My dad was the lucky recipient of the take-out. I didn't even know that he'd polished it off until he came downstairs to ask me where the marvellous seafood came from and to rave about how good the prawns were, lol.

Dessert was an oldie, but a goodie - Mocha Almond Ice Cream Pie. I've tried a few of The Boathouse's desserts, but this one is still my favourite. It just never fails to hit the spot.

I know they say you shouldn't eat for pleasure or as an activity since it can lead to gaining weight and bad habits like eating for stress, but I really enjoy a good meal like this with so much to look at and taste. It's very fulfilling for me, and very much something I look forward to. I would liken it to a spa experience. You kind of just sit back and get pampered - the environment is good and warm with candlelight, the service is exceptional, the food is delicious and looks mouth-watering, and V. and I just relax, talk, and eat.

What's your favourite dining experience?


Jelveh Designs said...

that sounds and looks like a great dinner...our most recent fun food experince was at a Persian place a couple of weeks is the link to the blog post
but back in March we 2 yummy meals at a great sea food place in Paris and the food was great... platter of several kinds of oysters & shrimps served on ice, yum yum... said...

Mmm! That does sound good, Jelveh Designs!

Paris, though? That might be a bit far for me to go to try that tasty meal out... :D

Christie Cottage said...

What a delicious looking meal!

Take me next time :-)

Thanks for checking out my blog too. I appreciate it!

Karen said...

Wow! That looks delicious! Like your blog!

Meekiyu said...

mmmmm those pictures are making me hungry and I just ate lunch sigh... =D