Sunday, June 14, 2009

Strawberry Goodness, Time to Ripen!

In hordes, they ripen now
The strawberry
The morning and noon I pick 'em
-- Marie Tai
Look at all the yummy berries we picked today!
They looked so pretty in the garden with the reds among the greens.
And there are so many more to come! Some of them are pretty big too.
One by one, they ripen. So I can go out in the morning to pick them, and return in the evening to find more ready to eat. It's quite fun.
They're quite delicious. Days like this are why I garden.

Have a great day!


Audrey said...

OK - now I'm craving Strawberries!! When I was pregnant with our youngest through the summer (1991) I craved strawberries and must have eaten gallons. Took another 15 years before I ate another one. Now I like them again.

Felicia said...

When I was a kid growing up in rural Florida, my mom would drag us out every summer to UPick strawberries. At the time is was a boring kid chore, picking them, bringing them home and cleaning and hulling them and turning them into canned jam.

But now as a grown up I look back on those memories as some of my fondest from childhood. There is NOTHING that tastes better in this world than a warmed from the sun strawberry that you pluck and eat right out there in the field! :)

Thanks for letting me relive the memory :)

Nix said...

Here's a good strawberry link: