Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Surprise For Me

"I have a surprise for you on Saturday."
"What is it?"
"I can't tell you!!!"

I waited eagerly for Saturday to arrive, wondering what delightful event should await me. Do you know what it was? First, V. took me to watch the new Harry Potter movie! There was a package of popcorn chicken dumped into my popcorn bucket so, while I was eating, I'd occasionally come across a yummy piece of chicken. What fun! Then he took me for gelato at some magical 200 flavours place. You pay the man at the counter, he gives you a colourful token, and then you taste test to your heart's desire until you find the 2 flavours of your dreams. I chose granny smith apple sorbet, and V. chose plain ol' chocolate. :)

After that, I was taken shopping downtown where I found a cute little plaid skirt, and then it was off to the creme de la creme of the evening - a boat cruise to watch the fireworks up close! Wowee! But you know what was the most amazing part? Nature! During our boat cruise, I saw a sunset, a rainbow, and LIGHTNING! Talk about making fireworks secondary. It was so exciting to see lightning rip across the sky while we watched our sunset and waited for the fireworks to begin. I could hardly believe it.
I was quite terrified that we'd be hit since the lightning seemed to touch ground and water, but the captain assured us that we were grounded in the water and would be quite safe. Phewf!

Isn't V. a sweetie? He knew I was having a bad day (weeks), and he decided to do something to try and cheer me up! *beams*In other happy news, my braces are finally off! The coolest part is that my retainers are a dark blue with purple and greenish blue sparkles. I love them!

I hope you have a happy day!


Chickenbells said...

That sounds like a fantastic day indeed!! And congrats on the retainer, I don't believe I've ever seen a sparkly one...

Anonymous said...

What an awesome day!! It sounds magical! Beautiful photos! Did you like HP??