Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Laid Off Song

Wobble, wobble, wobble
Is the sound my heart makes
As my head is spinning at
the changes I didn't choose to make

Wobble, wobble, wobble
So unsteady is my path
But I will regain footing and
I'll recalculate the math

Tossed out into the alley
Meeting secret in the dark
I see the faces I will miss
The place I'd made my mark

But they have not forgot me
and I take with me the tools
I gained in five long years of work
by following the rules

And now I'm free to choose
my path, and I feel good and right
I know a door is opening
to my left and to my right

I can make the choice
that I forsook for what I thought
was stable though a bore
and now that boring thread is cut

I fell but it was not on thorns
I found a road to take
And where it wound, I did not know
But wobbly heart did spake

And sang me songs of
happiness, of freedom bright and light
Of taking risks, of making friends,
Of fighting the brave fight

So though I'm sad that
things have changed and I
do fear what comes, I turn
my eyes towards the light
I won't give in, I'll hold the fight
I know my value, have the sight
Good-bye, dear friends, good-bye!

--Marie Tai


ShabbyNChic said...

I'm sure a lot of people can relate right now. Great blog!

Chickenbells said...

Beautifully put! Take those lessons and run!!

UniqueNurseGranny said...


Anonymous said...

:) Fun!

EmbellishYourself said...

You are really witty! I love your song. I can totally relate!