Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crabs and Toadstools

On a particularly leisurely stroll the other day, a friend and I spotted a dog happily flipping rocks at the beach. Curious, we decided to flip a few rocks of our own. Do you know what we found?

Yes! Underneath the rocks were little crabs! We'd turn one over and poor, newly homeless crabs would scuttle away, frightened by the fearsome, laughing giants. Can you spot the little crabs hiding in this picture? There are at least five of them.
We scooped a few up to take a closer look. Eeeps! He looks so crabby! The key to picking up crabs is to push down on the top of their shell (to hold them in place) and pinch them (don't crush them!) between your fore finger and thumb from behind their body. Then they can't pincher you.

I learned this from my dad when I was little.

After displacing many unhappy crab inhabitants, we headed to the woodsy trails.
My friend pointed out something unfamiliar and orange at the edge of the trail. What could it be?
Gasp! A toadstool! I have never seen a real, live toadstool so I was flattered to finally find one. I took pictures, but was careful not to touch it. Real toadstools are poisonous. Did you know that? Don't eat them like Super Mario.

Have a happy day!


BorneoDiva said...

i never thought the real poisonus mushroom really similar with Mario Bros... :)

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

It's so fun to discover "the wild things" on a walk!

RagsNehali said...

great photos!! especially orange mushroom pic..

Lucky Pebble said...

Oh wow, that toadstool is just perfect. Thanks for the tip for picking up the baby crabs. said...

Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comments!

Have fun on your Nature walks and picking up baby crabs!

artbysarada said...

Okay, I definitely have to follow your blog with pictures of wonderful amanita mushrooms like this! Great blog! :)