Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Winner For A Slice of Delight's Giveaway Contest

Alright! You've been eagerly waiting to find out who won, and I didn't want to disappoint you, so I conducted the most scientific of processes tonight - names in a hat! (Well, it wasn't quite a hat...)I first began by writing the names of all the contestants onto paper and folding them up. Extra entries had their names written extra times. There were a lot of entries (Good job, contestants!), so that took me a while.
Finally, I had all my folded slips of paper ready!
I dropped them into my makeshift "hat" (a.k.a. a glass vase)
and reached in to pick a name
Wait! It's not scientific enough! Stirring is required!
So I stirred a lot, did a drum roll, and picked out a name.
And the lucky winner of the asliceofdelight giveaway contest is.... jewelrybyjanelle50!
Congratulations, jewelrybyjanelle50! A Slice of Delight is ready to send you your new designer soap! Jewelrybyjanelle50 chose the Lime Slice because she thought it sounded really refreshing. Well, now she can bask in her refreshing lather feeling quite smug at having won it all by herself! Oh yes.
Feeling disappointed that you didn't win? Well, goshdarnit go pamper yourself and buy some of your coveted soap! What are you waiting for? You don't have to settle for ONE bar even! You can go for a whole lot of them! Start thinking about it. You could try a different designer soap every day :) This could be the ultimate bath time of the century for you.

Oh, and she's got some new soaps in the shop that you didn't see before. Berrylicious, Lemon Meringue, FROG soap... you must have a peek!
I want to thank you everyone for playing along and participating in this giveaway. It's been a lot of fun, and I hope you will join in again next time!

Have a great, fabulous soap day!

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asliceofdelight said...

Congrats Jewelrybyjanelle50. There is nothing high tech about soap or using paper and a jar to draw the winner. I love it!

I will be in touch with you to send you your soap.

Thank you all for partipating, viewing my soaps and posting your comments. I enjoyed reading them. And thanks to mytutorlist blog for hosting this giveaway.