Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tag Assortment Tutorial - Basic Tag Shape

Christmas is almost here and I'm starting to wrap my presents. Are you getting ready for the same thing? I thought it might be nice to spruce up the present this year with some pretty handmade tags.

You will need the following supplies:

1. Christmas themed scrapbook paper or cardstock
2. Curling ribbon
3. Scallop edging scissors
4. Regular straight edge scissors
5. Hole punch

First, choose your festive paper. I just picked up a new pack of scrapbooking paper from Zellers called "Holiday Stack" by DCWV and it included this lovely designed sheet. I like that it has some separate design sections because that means more variations in my tags.

(You can see where I chose to fold my paper so that it will have different designs on the front and back.)
Fold a small section of the paper to represent how long you want your cards to be. This strip will be cut up into separate tags.
Use scallop edging scissors to cut out this folded strip of paper so that the bottom of the cards will have scalloped edges.
Here's an example of how it will look once it is cut out.
Now cut up the strip into smaller pieces with a straight edge scissor (or a paper cutter for more precision). You can make them wider or thinner, depending on the design of Christmas tag that you want.
Next, I'll show you some different designs of cards that you can make using this basic tag shape.

Christmas Tag Style No. 1 - tied on ribbon

Christmas Tag Style No. 2 - hole punched on corner with ribbon tie

Christmas Tag Style No. 3 - 2 hole punched with ribbon tied on

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