Friday, December 18, 2009

Origami Ninja Stars - A Ninja Must-Have

"Every Ninja Needs a NINJA STAR!!! ... now you have yours"

These origami ninja stars are for the little ninjas (and big ninjas) in our lives. If you are secretly a ninja in disguise, then these are for you too.

Each pack includes THREE AWESOME NINJA STARS! (Sorry, my excitement got the better of me there.) They measure about 2.5 inches from point to point.

Caution, these ninja stars may be made from paper, but a truly powerful ninja can poke out eyeballs with them. You have been warned.
If you desire a different colour to accurately represent your inner ninja, just ask. I can also construct more as needed.
There is currently a set of the black and blue ninja stars listed in my shop. They are guaranteed to turn your enemies matching shades!

Make like a ninja and snatch it up before anyone else notices.

Have a happy ninja power day!

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