Friday, February 5, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday

I just wanted to share some photos from my birthday yesterday.These beautiful tulips were given to me from my sweetie a few days ahead of my birthday. He actually surprised me with a little gift every day for a week until my birthday! (He's really into special occasions *beams*) He would pick me up from school and have little treats like chocolate, bubble tea, flowers, etc, for me. It was really sweet of him.My sister baked me a marvelous cake for my birthday. See how pretty it is? She even shaved some white chocolate to decorate the sides.
My brother "pimped" my cake slice with some extra whipping cream. Yum!

My mother? Oh goodness, she made me some of the most delicious foods for dinner! See how beautiful that appetizer platter is? It's arranged with avocado slices, specially marinated jelly fish, squid, barbecued eel (unagi), roasted pork, and spicy conch shell meat. I promise you that the strange sounding foods actually tasted really, really good! My mom's a really good cook.And these are some stuffed melons covered in a creamy ham and green onion sauce. She steams this dish, and each melon (I don't know what kind of melon it is...) is filled with a ground pork mixture that's really delicious. I'm drooling just thinking about it again. There were also some other lovely surprises such as a card and gift in the mail (on the correct day! Way to go, Em!) which I thought was particularly thoughtful. My brother also got me a nifty monitor calibrating tool, so my monitor now shows proper colours.

All in all, a very wonderful birthday. Oh! And a company that I interviewed at called me back and they want to move forward with my application. (Imagine my eyes going really big...) I'm really excited about that, and I have my fingers crossed for what might come next.

Have a wonderful day!
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paintingpam said...

Gee, I'm hungry and jealous!! You had a FAB Birthday!! said...

Hehehe! Yes! It was wonderful!