Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Happy Family Christmas

Christmas was very merry at my house this year. In the morning, my sister baked a fresh batch of festive mini cupcakes.
Unfortunately, they weren't for me to eat. They were a custom order!
She started baking goodies this year for the Baker's Market, and people have been placing orders for pies and treats like these. Aren't they yummy looking!?
Here's a pic of Christmas dinner. My parents outdid themselves this year.
These little cocktail sausages were so yummy. They had little juicy pockets of mozzarella cheese in them!

Here's one of the glass bowls full of chocolates and cookies.
And here is the chocolate fountain. We put a whole box of truffles in there and then lots of cream and milk to get it to the right consistency to flow properly in the fountain. It was a lot of fun! We dipped apple pieces, pineapple pieces, banana slices, cookies, cake, nuts... you get the idea!These are some of the presents I wrapped up this year. I got a lot of good gifts this year too. Santa was good to me. My favourite were some clear Sterilite containers that perfectly hold my fabric stash. Now I can stop worrying about them collecting dust!

I also got a nifty thread spool holder for my growing collection of thread colours.
Check out the new pouches I made today! I figured I'd make some for the shop since I've been neglecting that lately. So, if you've been eyeing some of the pouches, you can now pick your favourite from my shop!

If you have some requests for another specific one, just let me know.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Moonaskingtostay said...

Food all looks so yummy! And what pretty little pouches! lovely blog :) said...

Hi moonaskingtostay!

The food was SO yummy! I can't wait until the next happy family dinner!

I'm so glad you like the pouches!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Stephanie said...

Those cupcakes are adorable!!!

LEFTZ said...

Now I'm horribly hungry! said...

I'm really missing those cookies... It was so nice to wander out to the living room and to have yummy cookies waiting in a glass jar for me.