Monday, December 20, 2010

Havana On Commercial Drive

On the weekend, the boy and I headed out to Commercial Drive for some light grub. We stopped in at a restaurant called Havana and we were pleasantly surprised by both the food and the atmosphere.
As you can see, my cuban roast pork sandwich looked delicious! Roast pork, ham slices, dijon mustard and a pickle made for a juicy burger-like sandwich. The salad was fresh and the dressing was tasty and not too overpowering.

For the boy, the highlight were the shoelace fries. They were crisp, flavourful, and had a good combination of salt and pepper on them. Plus they weren't overdone or underdone.

They were good enough for a second round of fries! Yum! And there's something to be said about a generous dose of good ketchup. You might think I'm crazy, but not ketchups are equal. This ketchup was rich and sweet, with just the right amount of tang. Plus the container is perfect for dipping. It's probably just Heinz ketchup, but it was good.
It was a chilly day, so I had a good cup of hot water with lemon. I like it when my hot water comes in a kettle. Then I don't have to keep asking for a refill.
Check out the cool walls! They are covered with eclectic old photographs and there are carved out messages and signatures all over it.

I had a really good experience eating here, and I would definitely come back again. The food was good, our server was super polite, well-groomed, and attentive, and I like the environment. Also, Commercial Drive is a great place to wander after the meal!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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