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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Joanne's Pleated Pouch

My friend Joanne came over today and we made her Christmas present together! I wanted to try a softer interfacing for the pleated pouch design, so this was the perfect time for it. I went with microfleece this time instead of heavy interfacing.

As you can see, the pleated pouch turned out terrific! I LOVE this Trefle Alice in Wonderland fabric in purple. Jo loves purple so I was trying to make a patchwork pouch for her, but my collection of fabric didn't seem to have the right combinations of purple. This fabric from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics was a perfect fit though, so I snapped it up.
I had chosen a different coordinating fabric for the interior, but Jo spied a cute birdie fabric and she wanted that one instead. I must say, it's pretty adorable in there! There are also two pockets inside for her to store things.

All in all, a very nice pouch. It's my favourite one so far.

I hope Jo likes it too :)

Want to make a pleated pouch of your own?
The pattern and instructions can be found in my shop
You can also purchase the PDF sewing pattern through this secure link to Paypal

Once you're finished making a pleated pouch, don't forget to post your photos to the Flickr group here!