Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fun Things in the Shop!

I'm excited to show you some of the new things that have shown up in my shop lately!
First up, downloadable birthday ninja mini cards! This cake master is nothing is joke about! He's here to wish you a happy birthday and you'd better take the cake OR ELSE! Actually, he's incredibly cute. It's hard not to love him despite his choice of occupation.
You'll find them as PDF files in my shop. You just print them out, cut out the cards, fold, and ta da! Awesome ninja cards any time you want!
If you're not keen on the print-yer-own kind of cards, check out the super cute handmade ninja cake masters here! They fold open into large butterfly shapes, but also look equally unique as folded mini cards!
You'll find them in green shades and peachy shades in my shop!
And then there's the new PDF for a sewing pattern! My beloved pleated pouch design is now available as a downloadable PDF file full of photos and easy-to-follow instructions. It also comes with the template for the pleated pouch.

You can also buy it here with this secure link to Paypal:
And now for my fun little origami friends! Check out all the cool new origami elephant colours!
They are perfectly adorable and would make great decorations for your home and your parties. They'd also be a sweet treat for a friend.
Ah, and the butterflies! These Alexander Swallowtail origami butterflies look amazing! Add them to your home and party decor today!

Need a custom order or different colours? Just ask!

Have a great day!

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riorita said...

Cute cards! Love 'em!