Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mealworms Beware

Dear Mealworms,

I regret to inform you that Master Pogglebee has changed his mind. He wants to eat you after all. It appears that all the fresh oats and carrots that you have eaten have made you plump, and the secret addition of cat food to your substrate has made you both smell more like food and, probably, taste more like food.

He now demands at least one sacrificial mealworm per day, the crunchier the better.

Don't worry, there are still 148 of you left. Considering the speed at which you are shedding and turning into "aliens", I am certain that your numbers will soon increase again.

Master Pogglebee's Master Chef

PS - I will be serving you up with his new favourite foods, such as blackberries, papaya, and peeled blueberries. He has changed his mind about those too.


Totally Timmy said...

Wow..what a diet this little fellow has. I was getting worried about what you were going to do with all those mealworms if he didn't change his mind!! said...

Yeah, I had vague ideas of returning them to the wild or of selling the colony off. I'm a bit relieved that he plans on eating them instead, as designed :)