Monday, September 5, 2011

Pumpkin Coasters Fall Decoration

I can't believe the summer holidays are almost over.  Tomorrow I'll be back to nursing school again!  *groan*  I know I should be excited, but summer has been so fun!  I went back to my old animation job, spent some quality time with my co-workers, and when I got home from work, I spent tons of time being creative  :)
One of the projects I've been working on is illustrating for some fantastic sewing tutorials for Patchwork Pottery.  I have really enjoyed drawing diagrams for her patterns.  In fact, I was so impressed with her designs that I actually tested out one of her patterns!  
I sewed some pretty strips of fabric together that I had in my stash and made four of  Laurraine's Patchwork Pottery pumpkin coasters!
They turned out really cute and they were really easy to make too!  I couldn't find coordinating buttons so I just used four similar sized buttons and covered them in batting and some dark orange fabric.  It seems to have done the trick  :P

 Here are some images of the actual pattern design.  Laurraine takes really nice photos!!!  My pumpkins don't look exactly like hers, but I am still really happy with how mine turned out.  You can hook the coasters together to make a great fall decoration!

I gave my creation to my boyfriend and he doesn't seem to have any intention to use them as coasters.  He immediately put a nail into one of his cupboards and hung the string of coasters up.  His sister noticed the decoration and asked if she could have one of them, but he wasn't willing to share  :P

This photo shows some of the illustrations I did for the Patchwork Pottery quilted craft patterns.  I illustrated the drawings for the Pumpkin Coasters, the Bird Ornament, and the Cupcake Pincushion.  I am actually quite excited about these patterns and other patterns that I'll be working on soon.

If you like to sew and love cute things, you should definitely go check out her online shop.  You can instantly download her patterns and sew to your heart's content.  I know Christmas seems far away right now, but if you start sewing now, you can have some really, really fantastic handmade gifts ready for your loved ones.

If you have time now while the kiddies are back to school, go make those pumpkin coasters!  They look so good!  I have to hunker down for school now, but you can bet that I'd be making more lovely sewn goodies if I had the time!

Enjoy the sunshine!


PatchworkPottery said...

Oh Marie! Thanks so much for the wonderful post! Your Pumpkin Coasters turned out great! What a wonderful surprise to see them! Hugs, L

Zippers said...

How adorable! Love the pumpkin coasters and the birdies. Sooo cute! said...

Hi L,

Thank YOU so much for sharing your tutorial with me :)

He loves them.

Marie said...

Thanks, Zippers! Yeah, they are so cute! Laurraine makes great little projects to do, huh?