Monday, October 10, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!  It was a very good day today.  I got some homework done and then I spent some quality time with good ol' Poggles.  

He's usually very, very grumpy when I clean his house, but he was in a surprisingly accommodating mood today.  It was time to grab the camera!!!
He started off as his usual, skittish self except that he didn't turn his back to me.  He was watching me.  I think he wanted food.  This is the fortunate side effect of hand-feeding your hedgehog.  When he wants food, he'll pay attention to you! 
I led him on a path to his pouch and hid a piece of food inside.  He usually doesn't want to go into a new, clean pouch, but I've mastered the trick of rubbing his old pouch against the outside and opening of his new pouch.  He sniffs the pouch opening very carefully, and then he walks inside.  
I make it extra easy for him to know that there's a piece of food inside by dragging the food in a path along the floor into his house.  I'm pretty sure it leaves a scent trail for him.  He has a very good sense of smell.
Well, once Poggles got inside of his pouch and ate his snack.  He just sat at the entrance.  It was a perfect photo op.  
He has never liked the camera much so I was very surprised at how he just put up with me.  The camera was right in his face and he didn't seem to care.  Very odd...  Hey, but I'm not complaining!  I am very thankful.

I hope you had lots of turkey, stuffing, and other good things with your family and friends today.

Cheers  :)

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