Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Pumpkin Hunt

It was a beautiful day to go pumpkin hunting today.  The weather was cool, the leaves are starting to change colour, and it was sunny.  My sweetie and I stopped by the local Farmer's Market to look at all the yummy baked goods and fresh produce.  There were some amazing pumpkins available!  The kind that look like something out of a Halloween cartoon - the odd shaped, Tim Burtonesque variety.

Unfortunately, they cost about $10 for a big one, so we had to pass.  Instead, we picked up a fresh bag of kettle corn, still warm and sticking in clumps.  It was so good!

At the grocery store, we found plenty of big pumpkins for a reasonable price.  I spent forever looking for odd shaped ones only to finally settle upon a very nicely shaped regular pumpkin.  I showed it to Poggles, but he seemed a bit bothered by it.  He refused to come to the take-out window to get his food.

Maybe the pumpkin is HAUNTED???

(More likely, it just smells funny...  :P  Have a great day!)


Totally Timmy said...

He is just getting waayyyy to cute. I want one!!! said...

Hee hee hee, he is super cute. Life is better now that he's litter trained and hand-fed too. How are your piggies doing?