Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hedgehog Rambles

Hello!  My name is Poggles.  I'm the beloved hedgehog of the perpetually strange lady that feeds me.
She's very odd.  I spend night after night messing this house up, and what does she do?  She throws away my perfectly scrunched up paper towel, wipes off my perfectly coated wheel, throws away my poop collection, and gives me a horribly clean, hedgehog-scent-free pouch!  Ugh!
... but then she gives me apples... and cat kibble... mmm!  I hear she's growing mealworms for me too!
 Just the thought of that yummy food makes my mouth water *smacks lips*
 So, I guess she's okay.  But, geez, just look how clean this litter is?  How can any hedgehog stand this?
Time to start my poop collection again.  Maybe I should build a tower with it like last time...

(Have a great week!)


Totally Timmy said...

He has grown so much!!! I've been away from blog world for a while and what a difference. My what big teeth he has..still cute though! said...

Hi Totally Timmy,

Yes, Poggles has grown up a lot :) He's almost 6 months old now.

Lol, I hardly ever see his teeth, but when he comes up to sniff the camera, I get a good shot of them. Hee hee hee!