Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poggles Likes Baths

Poggles always perks up at the sound of running water.  We weren't sure if it terrified him or whether he liked it, but it became very clear today that Poggles LOVES it.  (What a weirdo.)
I washed the sink, turned on the water to a nice, warm temperature, and Poggles started to fiddle like crazy in his carrying pouch.  I lifted him up to the edge of the sink and he dived into it immediately.  Then he just sat with his back under the running tap... and didn't move.
He REALLY liked the shower.  I could scoop water and pour it over him, even over his face, and he didn't budge an inch.
 I had to move him aside so that I could plug the sink.  Then I added a little Aveeno body wash to the water to make his mini bubble bath.  I took a soft, clean toothbrush and brushed his back, feet, and belly.  He didn't like his head and face brushed much, but I did it anyways.  I was just extra gentle, so he resumed his statue pose.

After a nice little soak, I drained the water, rinsed him under the tap (much to his content), filled up the tub again, and rinsed all the body wash away.
He hated being dried with a towel last time, so I experimented with a blow dryer.  I put it on a low power, warm setting.

He was a little surprised by the air at first, but then he just hunched over and let me dry him.  I kept my hand in front of the blow dryer to make sure that the temperature never got too hot, and I always kept the blow dryer moving.  Once in a while, I'd brush the quills to make sure they separated and got properly dried.  Towards the end, I pushed him over to his side so that I dry under him too.
His nose got a little dry and I was worried about him getting dehydrated so I gave him a tiny spoon of yogurt.  I vaguely remember that hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, but Poggles eats yogurt readily in tiny quantities without any problems.  You can see how little I gave him in the picture.
After all that excitement, I wrapped him loosely in one of his fleece liners and placed him under my desk lamp where it's warm.  I gave him a couple "cookies" (round cat kibbles), and he settled down for a nap.  This ensures that he will dry thoroughly at a warm temperature.

Bath time with hedgies is fun  :)


Allison said...

That was so cute, I think my head actually exploded into candy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
Wow..this is too cute for words!!! I always wonder if hedgehog's quills are very spikey? Does it hurt when you touch them?

Jenny :0)

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I have a little African Pygmy hedgehog named Emma. She doesn't take so kindly to baths so you're very lucky yours does! :) We're thinking about getting another one - thanks for the tip on the yogurt trick with dehydration too!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet Seems to love the bath !but you are right hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and should Never be given any dairy products.At the very least it gives them a sore or upset tummy and can kill them .You were lucky it didn't effect him .I have a hedgehog hospital should anyone be unsure or need advice on hedgehog care You can find my details on Facebook Suffolk hedgehog hospital .Sue