Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Fun Bath With Poggles

 Poggles needed his nails trimmed.  I figured I might as well give him a bath at the same time since his feet were looking a little grubby.
He wasn't as enthusiastic this time about getting a bath.  He tried to run away.
 But you'd never know it from this smile...
 In fact, he looks a lot like he's grinning in this picture.  Hee hee!

I filled the sink with water and let him soak a bit, first with Aveeno body wash.  Then I rinsed him off and let him soak with a couple drops of Aveeno bath oil.  It was easy to trim his nails under water.  Poggles was very cooperative and the water made his nails soft.  There was no loud sound to frighten him.
 He got blown dry after that, and I even flipped him over to blow dry his tummy. Last time it was still wet underneath.  He wasn't too thrilled about being flipped over.
 After all that excitement.  It was nap time.  (If you zoom in really close to his nose, you can see that it kind of flares out on the edges.  Neat! It reminds me of a star-nosed mole.)
Poor fellow. He was all tuckered out.  He looks super cosy in his pouch though.  Now's he's drying/warming under my desk lamp while I study.

I hope you have a great week!

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