Sunday, January 22, 2012

Poggles Is A Big Boy Now

When Poggles was a baby, he pooped everywhere.  He couldn't control it.  Today, however, is a big day.  Poggles is a big boy now, and he only does his business in the litter tray (hurray!).

So, the oven tray can now go away.  I will have one less thing to clean, and Poggles can enjoy soft, warm "carpet" everywhere.
After a thorough cleaning of his cage, Poggles was unceremoniously dumped out of his dirty pouch into his clean toilet (poor boy). Don't worry, he is dumped from the ground level.
 He scrambled quickly to hide under the wheel as I began to populate his cage with his belongings.  He got a fresh toilet paper roll to play with, a clean pouch...
 ... his food bowl and water bowl came back clean, his dome and cosy came back, he got a fresh paper towel, his ball... and everything was clean.

Of course, Poggles hated it.  He came out and sniffed everything, deemed them unsuitable, and went back under the wheel.  He did this several times, each time concluding that it was unacceptable.

He slept there all afternoon, and only moved into the new pouch once I gave him back one of his dirty fleece scraps (tsk tsk!)  After that, he pulled the paper towel so that it was plugging the entrance, and hissed at anyone that disturbed him.

Yup, he's a big boy now.  That doesn't change how grumpy he is though  :)


Leon said...

If I look at the natural environment a hedgehog lives in, and compare that to how you arranged his cage, I must say I find it very horrid! I know you love your toy, and you take good care of him, but I doubt that's what comforts a hedgehog. said...

Hi Leon,

Thanks for commenting.

I looked up the natural environment of a hedgehog. They live in grassy environments, open woodland, and dry rocky areas. Also, hedgehogs in the wild die faster (less than 3 years in the wild versus up to 10 years in captivity). Unfortunately, most natural options have downsides like predators, bacteria, mites, fleas, mold, and fungus. It's a very sad story.

smmmiley said...

Great response to Leon! Good on you for taking the high road... doing your homework and offering up a calm, mature, and informative answer! :)

Anonymous said...


How did you train him to use the tray? What are you using as the filler? What is the tray? I'm trying to figure out how to help my son train his hedgie.