Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home Is Where The Pouch Is

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and Poggy is out to play  :)
 He's burying into his blanket.
Peeking at the camera.
Making funny faces.
Playing hide and seek.
Meditating/contemplating/doing nothing...
 And after a long day (aka minutes) of being out of his house.  He wants to go home. 
He misses being cozy in his pouch... and sleeping.
 So Poggy goes home. 
And he likes it here  :)

Have a great week!


randi--i have to say said...

My daughter has been campaining for a hedgehog for some time now. Yours is simply adorable! said...

Hi Randi,

Thank you! I like my hedgehog very much. I think they are a good pet, but make sure you find one that is very friendly :) Mine is grumpy, but my first hedgehog was very friendly and it was great! I still love my grumpy pet, but I think it would be better for a first-time hedgehog owner to have a friendlier one.

Have a great day!!!